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I tend to think and write somewhat haphazardly, so this page is to collect links the all the various topics I've written about in a somewhat topical and logical order. I'll try to keep this page updated as I post.

Bayesian Inference

Bayesian Inference 
Bayes' Rule
Bayesian Credible Intervals for a Batting Average
The Posterior Predictive
Let's Code an MCMC for a Hierarchical Model for Batting Averages

Shrinkage Estimation

The James-Stein Estimator
Beta-Binomial Empirical Bayes
A Beta-Binomial Derivation of the 37-37 Shrinkage Rule
Normal-Normal Empirical Bayes
Shrinkage Estimators for Counting Statistics
Correcting Parametric Empirical Bayesian Intervals using a Bootstrap
wOBA Shrinkage by the Multinomial-Dirichlet Model

Frequentist Inference

Central Limit Theorem Estimation of a Batting Average
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of a Batting Average
The Delta Method for a Confidence Interval for Odds
Likelihood Ratio Intervals for a Batting Average
Confidence Interval for wOBA Based on the Multinomial Model

Stabilization Points

Estimating Theoretical Stabilization Points 
More Offensive Stabilization Points
Offensive Stabilization Points through Time
Whip Stabilization by the Gamma-Poisson Model
More Pitching Stabilization Points
Pitching Stabilization Points through Time
Stabilization, Regression, Shrinkage, and Bayes
From Stabilization to Interval Estimation

2017 Stabilization Points
2018 Stabilization Points 
2019 Stabilization Points


A Quick Check for Independence between Runs Scored and Runs Allowed
Restroom Queues


Information Theory


2015 Number of Win Predictions(Through May)
2015 Win Total Predictions (At All-Star Game)
2015 Win Total Predictions (Through July)
2015 Win Total Predictions (Through August)
2016 Win Prediction Totals (Through May 22)
2016 Win Total Predictions (Through All-Star Break) 
2016 Win Total Predictions (Through August 31)

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